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RGM, a company that specializes in producing leather safety hand gloves and industrial garments, owes much of its success to its skilled team of technical professionals. These professionals play a crucial role in the company’s achievements. They use their knowledge and experience to develop products that meet the specific needs and preferences of customers. RGM has built a strong reputation for prioritizing safety, earning the trust of its customers by consistently delivering high-quality products at reasonable prices. The company takes pride in satisfying its clients and strives to continue improving and expanding its product range.

  • The manufacturing process at RGM is carefully controlled to ensure best quality. Each step, from selecting raw materials to packaging finished products, is meticulously managed by the company’s skilled workforce. Top quality machinery and advanced techniques are employed to maintain high standards throughout the production process.
  • The manufacturing unit of RGM is based in Kolkata ensuring that products are delivered promptly and at competitive prices. The company understands the importance of meeting customer demands and remains flexible to accommodate any necessary changes.
  • RGM’s guiding principle is to meet customer needs precisely. The company is committed to providing the highest quality products while maintaining consistency and value for money. This customer centric approach is central to RGM’s operations and drive it’s continued success in the market.
  • In addition to it’s focus on product quality, RGM is also committed to ethical standards. The company firmly opposes the use of child labour and ensures that minors are not employed in it’s workforce. By upholding these ethical values, RGM demonstrates it’s commitment to responsible business practices.


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We manufacturer of Industrial safety products like safety gloves, welder jacket, welder trousers, welder suits, leather sleeves, apron, leg guard, arm guard, leather face mask and other garments for workmen.

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Excellent & Trouble Free

These gloves are amazing! They’re durable and comfortable, perfect for any task, they never disappoint. Great quality and value. Highly recommend!

Sudip Das


Thank you!

Highly satisfied with these gloves! They offer superb grip and comfort, perfect for my daily tasks. A must-have for anyone looking for reliable hand protection.

Akash Gupta

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